Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ode to Poetry Month

April is over and what a ride - still standing 

I started back into writing and blogging last September and writing poetry in mid February and this post will mark the 50th poem I've written for Poetry Month. That's what we call baptism by fire where I come from. I've particularly enjoyed writing and learning about Haiku and Haibun from Chevrefeuilles Carpe Diem and Haiku Heights. I have been following their daily prompts for April. Through these prompts I was able to keep up with the Blogging from A to Z Challenge as well.  

I read, watched and listened to a plethora of poetry during Poetry Month. Velvet Verbosity and their 100 Word Challenge provided some kick-ass links to contemporary poets and spoken word performances.  I have spent hours YouTubing - Katie Tempest and Katie Makkai were pretty intense. There are other poetry challenges I have partaken in such as Recuerda Mi Corazon this past month and I have been a regular at the Trifecta, Yeah Write and Write on Edge challenges which are mostly flash fiction. 

It's been a little overwhelming.

My YouTube poetry tour both inspired and depressed me. I noticed that my demographic, middle-aged-heterosexual-white-men, were not only under-represented but quite often the target of poetic angst. That's okay, I didn't take it personally; however, it was the inspiration for my poem It's Not Pretty

I truly love poetry, both writing and reading. If any of you have recommendations for inspiring poets I would love to hear your suggestions. I am interested in all forms of poetry. My  colleagues in the challenges I partake in are my main inspiration. It is a great community that I have stumbled upon and I am grateful and humbled to be a part of it. 

There have been some great moments. 
Muchos Gracias (as we say in Canada).

As the last post of Poetry Month I am going to wrap up my A-Z obligations with Haiku Heights and the last prompt of April for Carpe Diem. I am left with three prompts: Honey, Youngling and Zebra.

birds and bees
pooh bear's empty tummy
yummy honey

wasted youth
fuels the written word
poetic justice

a zebra
without its fancy stripes
is a horse

mornings with mary
a simple prayer of thanks
and we are set free

A to Z in April
last stanza


  1. 50 poems is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations.

  2. What a wonderful post Sam ... thank you for sharing your haiku with Carpe Diem.

  3. terrific post and congratulations on your 50th poem!! ^^ ^^

  4. Wow! 50 poems in 30 days! You are prolific! I'm not well versed in poetry, hah...no pun intended. But I do enjoy the poetry (and art work) of D.F. Barker. http://francisbarkerart.com/ He's also been pitching his wife's books on his blog, but if you scroll down to his original poetry, I think it's pretty amazing.

    I've known a few zebras without their fancy stripes.

  5. Congrats on your poetry accomplishments. The Mornings with Mary Haiku is excellent.xx


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