Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Carpe Diem: The Fool

My second month of Carpe Diem Daily Haiku.  For the month of May we are working our way through the Deck of Tarot. I am not very familiar with this subject. I will keep an open mind and write as I am inspired. 

I live in a small town in northern British Columbia. We are famous here for the Williams Lake Stampede, one of the biggest rodeos in Western Canada. The Stampede is on the July 1st long weekend (Canada Day). Each year a carnival comes to town with the Stampede. 

With the carnival comes my favorite Stampede character, who I affectionately call the "Crazy Psychic Lady". She sets up in a beat up old trailer at the edge of the grounds and does Tarot readings for donations (usually $10). She tells stories, chain smokes and reads cards.

One of my Stampede weekend traditions is to sneak off and get my cards read. I'm not sure how real all this is but I enjoy the experience and she always gives me something to think about.  I have made it to see her 10 of the last 12 years. This journey through the Tarot is dedicated to the her.  

Krisjaan selected "the Fool" for the first card for Haiku inspiration. There is a detailed explanation of the Fool on the Carpe Diem site. I chose to focus on the symbolic reference to Jesus. 

for a donation
reads cards and tells your fortune
stories are free

the fool runs away
even when nobody
is chasing him

I can do 
all things though Christ 
who strengthen me


  1. Three different thoughts...interesting where this prompt led you. Tarots and fools are not where your faith and trust lie.

  2. Sometimes the fool is running too something of course :)

  3. The Tarot is meant to be a 'trigger' for the Inner Self. It can help you to see what you need to see. Great series of haiku all with a different approach of the theme.

  4. With Christ as strength, what more do you need?

    Old Fool

  5. Yes I choose to interpret the prompt more freely. But just like a prompt in haiku triggers a thought about yourself or something else I believe a tarot card can trigger thoughts


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