Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Edge of the Woods

At the Edge of the woods -

peering from behind a cedar tree.

a child wrapped in a blanket of wild panic.

afraid to stay and terrified to move.

Paralized with fear.

Discovering the tree house would have been comforting.

if comfort was possible.

Back at the house Mom is ...

g .......

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Random Edge-ucation

This edition of Random Edge-ucation will mark the first since the creation of the new sister blog to Notes from the Edge - "Collateral Damn-edge".  Random Edge-ucation was created to discuss all things Edgy; therefore, I will be linking all future editions to "Collateral Damn-Edge" from this date forward.
The big news for all things Edgy is the creation of my new Blog "Collateral Damn-Egde". My 
post The Edge of Creativity identifies the thinking and intention behind this new medium and has been posted on both Blogs."Collateral Damn-Edge" is for the more creative side of the Edge. Here I will post fictional writing and discuss topics that are too Edgy for "Notes from the Edge".  

Collateral Damn-edge is loaded with double meaning and plays on words. The term Collateral Damage is damage to things that are incidental to the intended target. It is frequently used as a military term where it can refer to the incidental destruction of civilian property and innocent bystanders. It is the unintended consequences of our actions. In this case it refers specifically the consequences of that Damn Edge! 

It is my intention to have fun with this Blog and Collateral Damage will hopefully be limited to the guilty bystanders.

In the spirit of Collateral Damn-Edge I have chosen one of my favorite Edgy Movie Clips as a bonus feature to this weeks edition of Random Edge-ucation.

Site Visits and Comments

I want to thank everyone who is contributing with their comments. Comments are really what bring a Blog to life and any thoughts you have on content is of great value. In some cases I may post your comments on both Blogs where appropriate.I am not sure what the impact of splitting my content up between two blogs will be on my Traffic - but really who cares. It would be great if my Blog was wildly popular and had a large following but that's not what this is about. We have managed to establish a small community of Humans that are trying to do "the next right thing". We have over 100 regular views on days that I post. Viewers seem to come from every corner of the world. 

I count this as a great success.

Respectfully, from the Edge.

Saturday, 16 February 2013


For my first fictional post on "Collateral Damn-Edge" I am submitting an entry for the Weekend Trifecta Writing Challenge - "Trifecxtra."

This week's challenge is to write a 33 word entry that uses a hyperbole.

Photo Credit:
Since the diagnosis all we've done is fight.

Today I was ready.

One look and I knew there would be no fighting today.

“He’s gone", she whispered.

You could hear my heart break.

Respectfully, from the Edge.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ready Set ...

Good morning from the Edgisphere!

I am excited to launch my new Blog "Collateral Damn-Edge". This Blog will stand alone in form and content; however, I will cross-reference posts between this site and my Signature Blog "Notes from the Edge" as appropriate. For instance, I intend to follow my Incremental Planning methodology as outlined in my post on Muddling Through.

"Notes from the Edge" is a self improvement blog that is based on my life's experiences and my ongoing effort to be a better Human. I intend to cause some Collateral Damn-Edge as I open the Blogosphere up to the Edgier side of the Edge.

I do not expect the content to be family oriented and I won't be letting my kids read it.

It's not that I intend to be purposefully rude or obscene. My Motto remains:

"Respect All Fear None" 

There is a dark side to life and I intend to explore it here.

My focus will be on creative writing including partaking in various writing challenges and exercises. I will write fictional stories based on my life's experiences.  I've even been known to write the odd poem.

This is a new and exciting venture for me please check it out and keep an open mind.

I will be moving all content that is not in line with self improvement theme from "Notes from the Edge" to this Site.

To start things off I will share some random facts about me from the Trifecta Writing Challenge.