Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Wise Old Owl

Old Poem From My Grandpa
A wise old owl 
lived in an oak
the more he saw 
the less he spoke
the less he spoke
the more he heard
so let's be like
that wise old bird.

You never get in trouble 
for what you didn't say
If you listen long enough
the answers come your way.

The argument I always win
Is the one I never had
Being wrong and happy
beats being right and mad

If somebody disagrees
its just their point of view
they have the right to theirs
just like we all do

Don't tell people they are wrong
maybe it's just a different right
but no one can put hands on you
thats when it's time to fight

Sometimes its not easy
to figure out what's right 
always ask someone you trust
and say your prayers at night.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

No Escape

I feel the sound bump
bump it goes in the night
night so bleak and black
black as my dark heart beats
beats me as I retreat run
run away from the one
the one that only I can see
see it lick its black lips
lips peeling back reveal
reveal a cold steel smile
smile as it pierces skin
skin ripping clean from bone
bones break I am consumed
consumed by the one who knows
knows secret debts are owed.


Toads are writing Loop Poetry today. This turned out a little dark but ....

In Memoriam - Betty (Grandma) Edge

Time tick tocks away each day
until the clock just stops tick tocking.
Every tick that passes is a grain of sand
that trickles through the hourglass of life.

One grain at a time life slowly passes
Each grain is a stunning story or a
bit of gory detail that we only dare
to giggle about when we are at home alone.

When a grain causes some pain
you were there to tell us it will be okay.
We all made our own mistakes
but you stood by and loved us anyways.

Now the clock has stopped for good
and that final grain has tumbled through.
We've said all we can say
We've done all we can do.

I will always remember you for
the good you've said and done.
The Memory of your life lives on
in the happy heartbeats of my children.

Love You Grandma ...


August 2013

Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Great Pumpkin

The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch! (1966 Peanuts)

My persistent therapist insists that I listen
to my wide eyed innocent innermost child
who still believes that wishes and magic exist.

The tissues pile up as I work through issues
I almost forgot I had - now I am truly sad.
So I stop going - there's peace in not knowing
a happy pig really isn't that bad.

Until one frozen cold, sober October 
I take the kids out hunting for pumpkins.
Then I remember the magic's still out there
I just forgot where to look.


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Just Another Johnny Walker Day

Just another Johnny Walker day 
Middle sister finger lingers 
as I passed through the Barrio 
I'm as paddy Irish as a triple shot of Jameson's 

A little extra courage 
from a scary apothecary selling smiles
Now I'm El Presidente 
with a Captain Morgan plan

Just one tick away from a Corazon explosion
Green flash streak of olives
fly from a Rang Tang martini
sipped by lips of pompous pricks.

and an arrogant bastard behind the bar - 
Oh shit - it's me!!!  
Take me home Belvedere
There's tragedy in my strategy - I need to reconvene.