Thursday, 25 April 2013

Carpe Diem: Chocolate

If you are of a delicate or easily embraced nature please stop reading now. 
I am not sure I will be able to contain myself.


This Christmas Santa put some of the richest, darkest, chocolate fudge in my stocking. It was so heavenly good that I have since learnt how to make it myself. Subsequently, chocolate has become one of the major food groups in our home - to which my ever-widening ass will testify. 

There is a definite orgasmic quality to the taste of deep, rich chocolate.  My wife, being German and Secwepemc (North American Indian), has many of the desired qualities of chocolate, although in complexion she holds a closer resemblance to carmel.

she melts in my mouth
and at just the right moment
she melts in my hands

soft, dark and sweet
my chocolate surprise
with carmel eyes


  1. Nice double entrendre throughout!

  2. oh wow, just lovely and with just the perfect hint of sensuality and romance. ^^

  3. Great set Sam, I like that double thought in this post. Full sensuality and romance.

  4. Like George Costanza I, too, worship the dark master. Your post makes me hungry for something dark and delicious.

  5. Oh dear oh dear - but very clever!

  6. Love it.. especially the first one...


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