Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What Does the Fox Say? (PG13)

Mama Zen is asking the burning question, "What does the Fox Say?"
I think I found something that can shed some light on this.

Foxy 71 year-old Kelly Fox 

A Foxy Lady walks the walk
and when she talks she talks
the way a Foxy Lady talks.

If you don't like it 
It sucks to be you.

When she says what Foxes say
she says it all with class.
You can watch her walk away
and kiss her rock hard ass.

Friday, 15 November 2013


I've been told certain female spiders will eat their mates after sex.

Seems a little extreme ..
but logical.

I'll just take a sandwich,
or a nap,
or more sex.

I wonder what would happen
if a male spider tried that?

Lucky for me I'm scared of spiders.
Probably because I dated so many.

(and I have the chunks out of my ass
to prove it)

On our first date my wife took me
to see Spiderman the Movie.


So far she hasn't eaten me
but she's bitten me
and beaten me
in every single game of crib we ever played...

.... and Old Maid

… but I can still beat her in an arm wrestle.

Sometime she hides behind a door 
and then jumps out with a roar.
She tries to make me scream like a little girl.

She's a nerd 
not a spider.
So am I.

I NEVER scream like a little girl.

I scream like a man ... 

a very effeminate man.

Spiders make me scream like a man too.

She laughs at me with my daughters ...
and I can live with that.

(But I'd rather be a Toad - they eat spiders)

Over at the Imaginary Garden, Fireblosom has us revisiting one of our favourites from our own poetry. It didn't take me long to figure out which one I wanted to share. I was just reading this one today. It is the first Poem I posted when I started sharing with the Real Toads in June this year. (I get the feeling that there may be a few spiders in the garden.)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Hero to Most

A Hero to most 
A Villain to some
The poems he wrote 
The songs that he sung

Some things he did
can't be undone
He broke a few rules
but man he had fun

Mexican Radio
and a pirated signal
singing for pesos
and dancing flamenco. 

Will they remember
the bad or the good?
Oh Lord don't let him
be misunderstood.

A Hero to most 
A Villain to some
The poems he wrote 
The songs that he sung

The Friday Challenge is to write a poem about beloved Toad "Hero-to-most" (aka Corey Rowley). 
I  am not a Read Toad myself. I'm more of a fly on the wall. I have gotten to know his work over the nine months I have been posting in the Garden and I have visited his blog "Mexican Radio" many times. From what I can gather he likes classic rock, mexico, drinking and he roots for the underdog. My Poem reflects this - I threw in a a cool version of a classic Eric Burden song for good measure.

the Edge

the Edge
             is about having less
the Edge
             is a fickle hellcat
the Edge
             is in the house
the Edge
             is everywhere
the Edge
             is hi-ring
the Edge
             is there
the Edge
            is here
the Edge
             is now
the Edge
            is not
the Edge


D'Verse is all about list poetry today.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Footprints In the Snow

Following footprints and pawprints
convinced they must know where to go.
Tracks getting deeper and wetter
No need to think when we follow.

Convinced they must know where to go
we showed no respect, forgetting ourselves
we didn't think we just followed
young and dumb having fun.

We showed no respect, forgetting ourselves
we're bulletproof and beyond concern
young and dumb having fun
our heads were too hollow to listen and learn.

We followed those footprint and pawprints
over and under and onto the lake
the snow sinking deeper and wetter
no tracks going back was our final mistake.


Toads are inspired by Maria Wolf of "Full Moon Fiber Art" a fiber artist who lives on Bedlam Farm with her husband, writer John Katz.