Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Traveller

I travel to the ends of time
searching for myself
arrive at darkened destinies
missing me by moments

Successful in eluding
I don't know where I am.
Doubt and pity by my side
my search will never end

From place to place I wander
it is the pace that keeps me safe
I caught up to me in Haiti
then I made my own escape.

I'm really not that hard to find
I get there and there I am
I just can't seem to face myself
So catch me if I can.

Submitted for dVerse


  1. can be a long a tiring journey that takes us closer to ourselves at times... i always discover a bit more of me on my real journeys, being stripped of everything familiar as well...

  2. by the way.. typo in line one...tiime with two i..

  3. Sounds like travelling somewhat resembling an escape... great poem Sam

  4. ha. i think we spend most of our lives looking for ourselves...funny where we find ourselves too...great close on this verse, unable to face yourself...

  5. Catch me if I can - a wonderful line and one many can relate to--and what they also travel for. Wonderful candor. k.

  6. Great ending to a compelling poem.

  7. 'missing me by moments', I like that a lot.

  8. I can see you had fun with this rings of truth and humility.


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