Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Traveller

I travel to the ends of time
searching for myself
arrive at darkened destinies
missing me by moments

Successful in eluding
I don't know where I am.
Doubt and pity by my side
my search will never end

From place to place I wander
it is the pace that keeps me safe
I caught up to me in Haiti
then I made my own escape.

I'm really not that hard to find
I get there and there I am
I just can't seem to face myself
So catch me if I can.

Submitted for dVerse


  1. can be a long a tiring journey that takes us closer to ourselves at times... i always discover a bit more of me on my real journeys, being stripped of everything familiar as well...

    1. god point - i had fun with this one

  2. by the way.. typo in line one...tiime with two i..

  3. Sounds like travelling somewhat resembling an escape... great poem Sam

  4. ha. i think we spend most of our lives looking for ourselves...funny where we find ourselves too...great close on this verse, unable to face yourself...

  5. Catch me if I can - a wonderful line and one many can relate to--and what they also travel for. Wonderful candor. k.

  6. Great ending to a compelling poem.

  7. 'missing me by moments', I like that a lot.

  8. I can see you had fun with this rings of truth and humility.


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