Monday, 1 April 2013

Carpe Diem: Aries

I'm Aries the Ram
the Consequences be damned
I am what I am


  1. such a well-penned wonder

  2. Just like Popeye ;)

  3. There's something almost Dr. Seuss-ian about this!

    Abraham’s Ram

  4. Thanks Brudberg - I need to figure out the Time zone on this one .. same with HH I get confused here in Vancouver Canada with these eastern time zones I'm not used to. I 've been bumping into you there bro - thanks for all you encouragement - keep up the good work.

  5. Popeye the ram!

    1. Popey and DR Suess not what I was going for but I will take it i guess haha

  6. Ha, ha! Being an Aries, I like becoming a very humble & happy Lamb! Here's my serene-die-pity (serendipity of a story:)

    Consequences = Boundaries for Buenos Aries...Hmmm?

    I'm afraid of South America...sounds VERY BAD, MAHN...drug cartel lords, machetes, robbing of your shoes, soul & INNER freedom:/ ...who is the real you!

    BROS ABOUND where Christ's discovered as better than GOLD & unlike thieves who'll not even think thrice about killin' a Human DEAD 2 rob that GOLD...God, eternally, promises to guard your heart & mind, so that
    everywhere on EARTH is sweet Heaven:)

    SO, 4 consequences 2 lead in the happiest way, the "RAM" looks more like a LAMB, every day! Humble, happy, & secure eternally wherever the green grass grows! How's that for a silly story-ah-ha! (I am probably your worst responder...yet, no one seems to "Boo-Hoo" any of your comments. American Idol, or other "talent shows," notoriously dis & laugh at people who sing out of tune. Those poor souls are convinced they're on their way to Stardumb! However, i KNOW I WRITE OUT of TUNE!! But still i enjoy writing responses that zing into my mind like a cannonball of WHIM (rather than like a loose cannon.)

    I am VERY THANKFUL no one tells me that "I'm out of tune," per se! Per say!! "Words i let fly" set my aging mind into better gear...MORE than anti-depressants & anti-anxiety meds COMBINED ever accomplish. My trusted anti-psychotic med are a horse of a different color! Seroquel. SORRY to let the world know that my brain chemistry is a mixed soup of moods, depending on the trigger. THANKS for bringing my mind 2 peace and quiet!!

  7. P.S. Correction:/ 2 verb-noun disagreement:) My trusted anti-psychotic med IS a horse of a different color! VERSUS

  8. Quit the comment Trusty - as usual you don't disappoint. Glad you could relate to my Aries Haiku :)

  9. That is so true! I love your haiku; it's has the lyrics of a rap song. :-)

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