Friday, 10 January 2014

Flaming Orbs

Flame Orb - Deborah Glessner 2014
God knows the rocky road I chose
sometimes it was just too damn close 
I'm slower now with room to grow. 
I catch my breath and take a glance 
beyond the pomp and circumstance. 

I bend in gratitude for one more 
second chance but every time my 
bounce comes back I trip and get a 
hitch that knocks me off my stride. 

At times my confidence still limps 
from wars surrendered long ago 
 A message from a glimpse of light - 
A fiery sign I'm not alone. 
A spark of truth that shines on lies
and gives hope to a new sunrise.

The bounce is not to give away
a flaming orb that must survive
and thrive behind the fiery eyes 
of Men with hearts they could not hide.

Men who showed me who I am 
and lit a fire behind my eyes.
The bounce of pride now lives inside 
the flames are too alive to die.


In Loving Memory of Jack Hambleton and Robert Edge.


Margaret has a cool prompt today for the Imaginary Garden. Along with the "Orb Art" of Deborah Glessner, she explains it as follows:

"For me, the word orb conjures up ghosts in the form of balls of light - life forms that are believed by some to be the human soul or life force that once inhabited a physical body here on earth. It is said they have stayed behind because they feel bound to their previous life or previous location for whatever reason."

I believe my Grandfathers stayed behind to look out for me - I have had many unexplainable experiences that have proven this to me. They were both powerful men who weren't afraid to tell me they loved me. When they both passed it had a profound effect on me and I felt like I became stronger.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Border Town Disorder

Juarez Car Rental
Bits and pieces of a Border Town Judge
He blew up real good - better than a lawyer
ever could. All that's left is a gold tooth and
a bullet proof vest made in Russia with love 

back in the days when Cold War was enough.

I won a free trip to Juárez, - 
think I'll el pass-o on that.

Things can be boring around here
we just make babies, drink whiskey and ski.
But skiing is safe - except for Sonny Bono.
I'll take death by cirrhosis, slow and as
close as I can to my memory foam bed.

I won a free trip to  Juárez, -
think I'll el pass-o on that.


Toads are writing about a place we've never been and would not want to go.