Saturday, 22 March 2014

My Wild Woman

Inspire Howl Wing - Ella's Edge

She exploded onto the scene 
with a roar
exaggerated by silence
and patiently waiting
for my Wild Man to mature

She taught me strength 
by embracing weakness
with tender nipples 
and mid month bloating
she showed majesty 
in the face of travesty

She showed me I was too strong
to be powerful
bleeding is beautiful
true beauty moves 
it bends mountains and men

Once her presence was known
she folded into gentle steel
growled quietly
at dangerous strangers
and watched with amusement.


Toads are revisiting old prompts - I chose to get in touch with my wild woman.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

It's Okay Day

Just for today we can be
Just be

Just for today it's Okay Day
It's Okay to be fat and white
It's Okay to be black and right
God doesn't take sides today

No stranger danger for today
No bills to pay
No one suffocates today
No one hates today

Even the sick can take a break
Break the chains of yesterday
No one starves or runs from carbs
We even let the bad guys pray

Just for today it's Okay Day
It's Okay baby girl
It's Okay to be afraid
It's just Okay

Just for today we can be
Just be


Today the Toads are celebrating our own special holiday in our imaginations - Happy Okay Day :)

Thursday, 13 March 2014



Seems like a lifetime
since I've felt sunshine
that north wind keeps blowing

I'm frozen. So frozen.

Wind blown snow angels
hard crusty drifting
across a dark carcass
the lonely forgotten
smashed jack-o-lantern
and Christmas tree ashes
spread solemnly calmly
in deafening stillness
surrounded by breath clouds

So frozen. I'm frozen.

The crack of the ice
a warm breeze at night
icicles trickle and drip
is Mother tricking me?
Roll over and dream of
the sweet smell of spring
out there somewhere
a flickering candle
Lord knows I can't handle
much more of this winter.

I'm frozen. So frozen.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Apple Happy

Inside every apple seed
is a perfect apple tree.
Pure potentiality
engineered delicately.

Inspired by the great divine?
Intelligently designed?
Happy apple accidents,
random happenings of time?

Each seed has the will to be
to manifest its destiny
to grow and bare precious seeds
achieve immortality.

Apple trees never ask why.
Can't bare pears and never try
or lay awake wondering why
branches point towards the sky.

They're just plain old apple happy


Today the Toads are inspired by the metrical verse of Robert Frost. One of my favourite American Poets.