Friday, 26 September 2014

The Secret

Today at the Pond - Herotomost is asking us to tell the universal truth of life - as seen through eyes of a child. He explains it much better here. 


When Nana died 
She didn't cry.
She just blinked
And asked why... 

... Daddy Why?

Then together
In a thinking state of mind
We decided Nana lived
The kind of life you only find
At the end of roads travelled 
In a way we both surmised
That even God would have approved of.

Nana always used to tell us 
we all get a certain sum of ticks and beats
and using them the best we can
is what makes a life complete.

So I told her Nana lived life well
and her time had just ran out.
Then I waited with breath bated
Fretting over if she got it.

This all was a puzzle to her
So she sat a beat to see 
If she could sort it out. 
I watched her work
across the possibilities with
a curiously furrowed brow.

Then in just the right amount of ticks 
And with a teary big-eyed look 
She turned to me and said:
"If Nana died when time ran out,
Dad, let's just take our time."

I knew just then she’d found The Secret
and I hoped that she would keep it
until such a time as she would need it 
 for a life lived to completion.


This is based on a real conversation with my Daughter, Emma, when my Nana died (her Great Nana). I've written about it before but today seemed appropriate to revisit her innocent wisdom.

Best Sam

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Back to School

Wide eyes true 
are back to school.
Played right up
to Labour Day.
Try to be cool 
with butterflies.
Hide your Sponge Bob 
lunch box virus.
Miley Cyrus - so '08
Wonder who the 
cool kids are?
Under just know 
you are okay.


 Out of the lake and into the Pond :)