Saturday, 27 April 2013

Six Word Saurday

Frigging golf clubs for sale - . CHEAP! 


  1. How do you find these neat blogging challenges? I have done Trifecta, I am doing A-Z, and now I want to do six word Saturday. Are they just ones you have run across in the blogosphere?

  2. Hey good to hear from you Lacey . When I read other peoples posts I usually look to see if they have any cool links on their side bar. If you look at my left bottom side bar I have some badges you can check out. I have been enjoying the Haiku challenges and there are two other writing challenges you might like "Yeah Write" and "Write on Edge" - they are kind of like Trifecta with longer posts. Some of the 100 word challenges are cool to because that don't take up a ton of your time. I haven't seen much of you and I couldn't find your Blog - send me a link and I will add you to my favs. I thought I did already but ...


  3. Thanks Sam.
    I have you a on GFG (Google Friend Connect) so I'm not sure. But here is my link to my blog My Bliss and I also have another up and going (a blog) it is about T.V., Books, Etc. I don't do challenges on that one but it is still fun. It is


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