Monday, 6 May 2013

Wrecked Him???

I stumbled on "Poetic Blooming"  the prompt was to take the punch line of a joke and make a poem out of it. 

So ....

Wrecked ‘em?
Damn near killed ‘em
spilled ‘em
across the blacktop
sunny side up
with a short stack jack

Butter cup flashing startin line.
finish line crashing double dip
one more bump and he’s awake
Ricky Bobby shake n’ bake
and breaks his pelvis in Graceland

Teenage Wasteland….

real gangstas neva say a word
no I said shaken’ not stirred
Double Oh Seven eleven
gas cap flew off – mazel tov
going too damn fast – jerk off

Double clutch not enough
to make dead mans curve



  1. I think you did a marvelous job with this prompt.

    1. haha thanks Stephen just playing with words - that's what I love to do.

  2. hehe I liked the rhyming ...especially liked the beginning :)


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