Saturday, 25 May 2013


Trust ain't much 'less
I give something up.
I trust you with cash
if I don't get it back
It's no skin off my ass.

Trust is lost.

I'm not emotionally attached
to a sweaty wad of cash
So I just adjust my trust
to what I can afford.
Not a penny more.
It's worth a buck or two
to know I can't trust you.

Shame on you.

But matters of the heart
have more moving parts.
I hold my breath
and confess
that I need tenderness

God sorts out the rest.

If true love rolls her eyes
A little of me shrivels up and dies.
I know that love is blind
If it were deaf and dumb
I'd be just fine
Swallowing my pride
get back on my horse and ride

Live to trust another day.

Older and wiser
not much to hide now
I trust more and more
as I fear less and less.
(and I rarely confess)

Shame on me.

I pick and chose the Whos
who I schmooze with.
Trust don't come up much
'cause I cover my ass.

In the end God I trust and the rest can pay cash.

Inspired by Theme Thursday: Trust


  1. Trust is elusive. In the end it is the glue that holds civilization together. If I ever get to the point I have something worth selling, I'll still draw up a contract. It's the faith that fails me.

  2. trust is a risk...we open ourselves up knowing full well we might get bruised a bit....its nice when we find those we can just be ourselves with...

  3. I rarely confess, you say, but poetry is a form of confession, isn't it. At least it can be.

  4. This is fantastic =) I have issues with trust but I am learning bit by bit how to open up, trust is necessary in relationships even if sometimes we get screwed in the unpleasant way

  5. Trust is something that we sometimes give freely and other times we make them earn it. But either way once that trust is lost they have to earn it back from us but they will never get our full trust again. It is difficult to trust them again because if the same situation were to happen again, most of them say they would do it again. Yes, trust is a hard thing. That is why I trust in God.

    Happy Theme Thursday, and thanks for sharing this with us. I hope you have a wonderful week with those you can trust.

    God bless.


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