Sunday, 12 May 2013

Just One More

" . . . An ever increasing craving for an ever diminishing pleasure is the formula. . . . to get a man’s soul and give him nothing in return ..." Quoted from C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters, P.44

Please sir, can I 
have some more?
Just one more?
More of what?
What you got?
This and that
and some stuff.

Stuff is good.

What you got
is good enough
smooth the Edge
It's been tuff
she took off ... 
she came back ...
she ran away.
I'm losing track.

Just one more...

Not allot 
just a taste. 
Hate to see it
go to waste on
fuck this place. 
After that
put it away
live to die 
another day.

Just one more... 

Now the door
is wide open
I'm hopin to 
slam that fucker shut
but, but, but...
I need to score 

Just one more ...

turned off my cell
Too drunk to drive
Stay out now
Get home alive
I survive 
hell to pay
before I put
the monkey away

Just one more...

Note: This is based on personal experience, friends, relationships, relatives, movies, books and music.  It is not based on my current life or a cry for help.

Inspired by D'verse prompt: "Temptation"


  1. oy, i feel you man...just something to cut the pain, erase the memory, drain the feeling..which leads to a little more...and a little more...just one more...

  2. I'm so glad to learn from the disclaimer that this isn't a cry for help. Take care.

    1. haha yeah I thought I should clarify. It's a prompt from one of my challenges. My poetry has been pretty dark lately.

  3. This is a powerful poem. Sometimes life's tough and one thinks that if one takes just one more it will be okay..... Not a good place to be!

    1. I've seen so many friends like this it's not funny

  4. The voice in this poem is painful and authentic. You have painted a true character. Nice interior and half rhymes as well. Thanks.

  5. This is really sad... I'm glad it's not you (and I can hear that pleading voice and excuses)

  6. love that the book a few years ago...and def. a felt write...think many of us have experienced it in the one or other dad was was the first thing that came to my mind...really well penned

  7. Just one more...and then some more ~ Addiction is a tough one but I am happy to read its not about you ~ Nice to meet you ~

    (aka Heaven)


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