Sunday, 13 October 2013

No Escape

I feel the sound bump
bump it goes in the night
night so bleak and black
black as my dark heart beats
beats me as I retreat run
run away from the one
the one that only I can see
see it lick its black lips
lips peeling back reveal
reveal a cold steel smile
smile as it pierces skin
skin ripping clean from bone
bones break I am consumed
consumed by the one who knows
knows secret debts are owed.


Toads are writing Loop Poetry today. This turned out a little dark but ....


  1. Yikes on the ending, secrets debts are owed ~ Can only imagine what happens if one is unable to pay them back ~

    Liking the darker looping verses ~ Thanks for linking up to Real Toads ~

    Happy Thanksgiving ~

  2. Eek! This got creepier by the line! I agree with Grace-that ending sent shivers up my spine!

  3. Wow, this is powerful, Sam. Especially the black lips and the cold steel smile. Wowzers!

  4. Sam I felt like we just ran a scary a thon!
    Damn good!

  5. The secret debts that we dare not acknowledge, even to ourselves.
    Excellent, Sam.
    PS—Small typo, first word, fourth line.

  6. ...licking its black lips (oh, that is just NICE) and the ending... Well, your poem doesn't let up!


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