Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Great Pumpkin

The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch! (1966 Peanuts)

My persistent therapist insists that I listen
to my wide eyed innocent innermost child
who still believes that wishes and magic exist.

The tissues pile up as I work through issues
I almost forgot I had - now I am truly sad.
So I stop going - there's peace in not knowing
a happy pig really isn't that bad.

Until one frozen cold, sober October 
I take the kids out hunting for pumpkins.
Then I remember the magic's still out there
I just forgot where to look.



  1. there is a peace at times in not not dealing with our issues...a false peace, but peace non the less...i hope there is still magic in the world...

  2. Yes, there's still magic out there. Somewhere. But it's getting harder and harder to find.

  3. nice..if we look in the right places for the magic it def. is still much comfort in this..

  4. I believe there is magic still out there as well, sometimes in places we least expect.

  5. Ella and you had the same cartoon link, smiles ~ There's magic still out there specially when one has the eyes of the children ~ Happy Sunday ~

  6. There is magic out there indeed, and we should seek it joyfully with children. I love this.

  7. Wow Mr. Edge...we have something else in common! No
    There is magic and I am thankful we can plant this seed~
    Love yours!

  8. I suppose it's all in the balancing of what you knew, what you know and what you've still to figure out....and pumpkins of course...there will always be the pumpkins


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