Saturday, 5 October 2013

Just Another Johnny Walker Day

Just another Johnny Walker day 
Middle sister finger lingers 
as I passed through the Barrio 
I'm as paddy Irish as a triple shot of Jameson's 

A little extra courage 
from a scary apothecary selling smiles
Now I'm El Presidente 
with a Captain Morgan plan

Just one tick away from a Corazon explosion
Green flash streak of olives
fly from a Rang Tang martini
sipped by lips of pompous pricks.

and an arrogant bastard behind the bar - 
Oh shit - it's me!!!  
Take me home Belvedere
There's tragedy in my strategy - I need to reconvene. 



  1. HAA!!!! That was great. I too love that last line as well. I am super glad you came on the booze cruise with us. Tough to fit all of those brands in there but you did it and two others did it in fantastic style!!!! Hooray and awesome job!!!

  2. How clever! I love your play on words throughout.

  3. Wonderfully done, and add me to the list of people who love the last line.

  4. So funny ~ I too enjoyed your sense of humor in the ending ~ Cheers ~

  5. What Heaven said, and sometimes we blink (or lose) an eye on the other side of the bar or rood listening to the problems of the choir... great ending lines!

  6. Dittos all around. This was fun.

  7. I love it. Just another Johnny Walker day....


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