Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Wise Old Owl

Old Poem From My Grandpa
A wise old owl 
lived in an oak
the more he saw 
the less he spoke
the less he spoke
the more he heard
so let's be like
that wise old bird.

You never get in trouble 
for what you didn't say
If you listen long enough
the answers come your way.

The argument I always win
Is the one I never had
Being wrong and happy
beats being right and mad

If somebody disagrees
its just their point of view
they have the right to theirs
just like we all do

Don't tell people they are wrong
maybe it's just a different right
but no one can put hands on you
thats when it's time to fight

Sometimes its not easy
to figure out what's right 
always ask someone you trust
and say your prayers at night.


  1. that wise old owl verse sounds just like something my own grandpa would have said {smiles}

  2. Sam, this is great. Using the owl to teach such wisdom--how perfect.

  3. wise lesson in there for any generation, Sam.
    Super, from those super powers no doubt :-)

  4. Sweetly written advice to a child.

  5. A wonderful fable for all of us... wise words indeed.

  6. Loved it....owls always inspire us I think...certainly did you...well written!!

  7. Loved how you used the owl poem to write your own... to elaborate on the owls view.. cool rhymes and a nice message..

  8. Your poetry makes wisdom extremely palatable.

  9. i dunno, honestly what i dont say haunts me just a bit...but i think we do need to understand when words are needed and when we need to listen...i like that first little rhyme...there is def wisdom in it

  10. Haha Brian so you are the one in ten? Interesting.

  11. Very Nice! :) Fun, with a moral too :)

  12. Oh... that is nice. A wise lesson for the kids and for us as well... :-)

  13. What is right? - eternal question. Who is right? If you never tried how would you know...many questions here...Thanks, Sam!

  14. I like the first stanza so nice!

  15. Great advice for kids! (My grandparents used to recite me the wise old owl poem, too.)

  16. Sam,

    This is a great poem for kids with a the image of the owl as the owl is so symbolic..nicely done..

  17. Oh this is cool, Sam. Great advice.

  18. the owl is a carrier of the message and speaks so well


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