Sunday, 13 October 2013

In Memoriam - Betty (Grandma) Edge

Time tick tocks away each day
until the clock just stops tick tocking.
Every tick that passes is a grain of sand
that trickles through the hourglass of life.

One grain at a time life slowly passes
Each grain is a stunning story or a
bit of gory detail that we only dare
to giggle about when we are at home alone.

When a grain causes some pain
you were there to tell us it will be okay.
We all made our own mistakes
but you stood by and loved us anyways.

Now the clock has stopped for good
and that final grain has tumbled through.
We've said all we can say
We've done all we can do.

I will always remember you for
the good you've said and done.
The Memory of your life lives on
in the happy heartbeats of my children.

Love You Grandma ...


August 2013


  1. man, i am sorry for your loss...i have one remaining gramma of my own...and my boys have my mom...its hard...when my MIL passed away was one of the hardest days i ever faced....quite emotive for me...

  2. Please accept my condolences for the loss of your beloved grandmother. Both of mine have passed and they leave holes that are hard to fill.

  3. Oh Sam, I'm sorry - your poem went to my heart as my grandma was very special and important to me, and in her little house she had a very loud ticking clock on her kitchen windowsill.........such a peaceful house she had. I'm sorry for your loss, and love what you wrote about how the good she did lives on in the happy heartbeats of your children. I love, too, that she was understanding, and stood by all of you. Grandmas are good at seeing the best in people.

  4. Vary sad and heartfelt. Grandparents are that link to the past.. and when they leave, we sense a loneliness that's hard to fathom...

  5. She was a great gal and had a good long life and left behind lots of loved ones to carry her memory.

  6. A greater gift I cannot imagine - to be remembered and loved in such a way! She looks very, very sweet.

  7. A beautiful tribute Sam and how we do live on in the hearts of others.
    Anna :o]

  8. Sorry for your loss Sam, I remember meeting your grandma many years ago and she was a beautiful LADY. My condolences to you and yours.

  9. THanks SAndy she always liked you :)

  10. Thank you all for the kind comments on the passing of a loved one. It is always hard. I truly believe the best parts of them pass into those of us closest to her and give us the strength to move on. With Betty there were a lot of good values to pass on . Grandma Betty was a truly kid person who alway did her best.


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