Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Forty (40)

I woke up today and it was
twenty years from yesterday.
I knew it was twenty years
Because the music gave me a headache.

I slapped a kid for teaching me
to battle rap - he rapped about
pimpin’ out my wife and sister.
When I pinned his tongue ring to his chin,
He cried and ran away.

My court date is next week.

There is really no upside to 40.
But I’m still very immature
so maybe there’s still hope.
I Googled “Cure for 40”
The top answer was “50”

Fucking Google.

After a little more research I found out
“40 is the new 30.”
That didn’t sound so bad
Until I asked a 30-year-old what he thought…
“Cha right” he said “Dude yer old.”
Then he skateboarded over my foot.

Fucking Kids


This is another poem for my Chapbook exclusive to d'Verse.


  1. haha...love the google answer...and good job standing up for the wife an daughter...i have 22 days left til i join the club so you have me really looking forward toit...smiles.

  2. It's refreshing to see you write a humorous poem, even if it does have an element of wickedness in it; after all, I"M sixty!

    1. Ha ha stephen Have I been getting to serious lately? I guess I should lighten up a little eh?

    2. ps 40 is in the review fo a while now but it was a time when I fially had to admit a was an adut

  3. Yeah, well the only way to stop it is to die...nothing is the new anything. There's some cosmetic help but the body knows, and sadly the brain too. Actually from my vantage point - 40 is pretty young...keep on rockin' dude!

  4. LOL You are still young! I am 63 and I love every minute of life I have...always learning something new...shoot I didn't learn how to swim until I was over 50 and I have swam with stingrays and snorkeled the barrier reef in Belize!

  5. 40 was a toughie for me. Was stuck with a flat tire in the rain in a parking lot scribbling life goals on a piece of paper in the car. lol. I thought life was bad until the amnesia "thing" at 44 changed everything. Now at 60...and I wince at that number no matter what I say to myself...life is calmer than it's ever been before. Time to truly smell the roses. Enjoyed your write. Could hear you and your mood and the frustration and good for you for kickin' ass. Sorry about the court date. It was good cause. 40 isn't old. It's less than 1/2 way and look how much more you know.

  6. I love being in my 40s-- oh, I still act like a 22 year old, but just without so much of the drama. Nice ~peace, Jason


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