Saturday, 3 August 2013

anyone lived in a pretty how town

Fireblosson from Imaginary Garden has us writing a poem in a poem in a poem. One of my early favorites was ee cummings and the way he abused my beloved language. I hope this will be seen as a thoughtful tribute to cummings not a shameless rip off.

I met anyone in a pretty how town
poetry up by grade point down
he scratched my think and listened my hear
round by circle to glasses by ear

(north south east west)

drip by drop by teacher by taught
anyone wasn't but he always is
that by that and this by this
over to under by no to not

(sun rain snow wind)

he smiled my happy and yelled my mad
he teetered my has and tottered my had
better by smaller and more by less
quicker to snail by checkers to chess

(coke pepsi 7up sprite)

downside left and upside right
smell by cheek by close by nose
poem by pencil by pen by prose
rose by smell by poem by sight

(morning noon evening night)

poem by door by open anyone
words by letters by does by done


  1. I think ee cummings would have enjoyed your poem. I know I did.

  2. Be still my heart! Another Toad who chose cummings ... I love his poetry ... I love this!!!

  3. ha. that was a treat...i love cummings...the sing song rhythm to this is great sam....and in a weird kinda way it all flows together and makes sense to me....smiles.

  4. What a delight to start my morning. I agree with the first commenter.

  5. ee cummings is one of my early favorites, too--one that I don't read enough of these days--he was an original, and a great poet, with a very humble spirit that shines through everything he wrote--your poem reminded me of all the best things in his work.


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