Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Domestic Bliss

I’ve been tricked into domestic bliss.
Behavior alteration with
Soy lattes and strawberry whips
Pavlov’s dog could not resist.
An upward mobile Stepford man.
who salivates at Starbucks cups.

Florescent yellow pee flows freely
in the sweet spot where the beautiful
people glow and flutter with utter disdain.  

And God forbid I give the kid
a damn hamburger
or raise my hand in anger.
So I smile and wave and walk the line
no matter what it is I crave. 

I trade my whiskey laugh for a golf clap.
Attend south-beach-high-fiber-low-fat-candle-parties.

I volunteered for social circumcision
in the missionary position; where only
momentary indecision and the
cesarean incision stand between
me and my vasectomy…

Have you met the new-improved
extremely made-over version of
who I really ought to be?
Five pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight
Beaten into a state of reasonable complicity. 

But this is the time of my life.
Just ask my wife.
And on third blue moon when the stars line up
We steal a moment to ourselves 
and put the rules up on the shelf.

And for those few stolen moments
we allow ourselves to be overcome by ecstasy.
And nothing so sublime as this ever could exist
without the painful sacrifices  of Domestic Bliss.


This is one of my poems from my chapbook I just finished editing today. I pulled it out of the closet for the the D'verse second birthday. I am just fumbling around trying to navigate my first upload on to Kindle Amazon. Anyways happy birthday guys!


  1. Enjoy those stolen moments..they make the journey more precious.

  2. Oh, Sam, this is great. Truly a favorite of yours that I have read. And this is my favorite phrase: "Attend south-beach-high-fiber-low-fat-candle-parties." Haha. Good luck with your chapbook. I am working on my next poetry book too (in between reading and commenting). Smiles

  3. An upward mobile Stepford man,ha...how tame they make us eh? truly domesticated...hope they dont take your chest hair away...smiles...life and love do take sacrifices, truly

  4. So far this is my favorite poem that you've posted. Nicely done. Great emotional and visual impact.

  5. This cracked me up! Have you been talking to my husband?

    Let us know when it hits Kindle!

  6. Very well done, we can all relate to those precious moments without children and chores ~ Smiles from BC ~ Just came the beautiful Whistler ~


  7. Good luck with your book. Very much enjoyed this!

  8. haha....try to get not too tame you know... there should always be a bit of a pirate left between all the Soy lattes and strawberry whips...smiles

  9. Great to see you writing a book. Love how you use irony in this... and hopefully those stolen moments is enough to keep the balance.

  10. Yeah, take those moments wherever you can find them!

  11. Love, love, love this, Sam... can't wait for that book.

  12. nice! even if you didn't mean to share this with RT, i'm glad to see it. chapbook, exciting! congratulations.

  13. They can only tame us as much as we allow them too ... and if I'm wrong, please don't shatter my illusions ... smiles


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