Sunday 28 July 2013

Middle Aged White Poet

I finally figured out how to format my chapbook "Rough Around the Edges" for Kindle and it is available on my Amazon Author Page here. It is only available in Kindle format at this time. If you do not own a Kindle there is a free Kindle Reading App for Mac, PC, Smartphones and Tablets available for download here. I intend to publish print copies in the future if there is a positive response on Kindle. 

I am posting the poem "Middle-aged White Poet" from the chapbook as a bit of shameless self-promotion. This poem was originally conceived for the Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge earlier this year, however, it has since been reworked and edited beyond recognitionIf you follow my blog you will see that about half of the 28 poems premiered on my Blog in some draft or partial form. The other half are original to this publication. The poems are presented sequentially to represent some of my life's experiences. 

This is my first stab at publication and I am basically winging it. If you do decide to pick up a copy please leave a constructive review on Amazon or a comment on this thread. I am interested in how to become a better Poet & Author so all comments are appreciated (including critical ones)


Middle-aged white guy writing poetry
It’s not pretty
But I really love it - I always have.
A word nerd since my early teens
John Lennon Imagining,
Bob-Dylan-Thomas, Lizard King
Blew my mind with poetry
And it’s never been the same for me.

Let it be Lord, let it be.

And right away I could see
these dudes were inside my head.
They said the things I’d I wished I’d said.
They understood and spoke to me
with innocent experience
iconoclasts in past and present tense.
Feelings so intense they circumvent
my conflicted disobedience.
Feelings from so deep inside 
that sometimes even I don’t realize
the blood stains on the page are mine.

So why not me, Lord, why not me?

Because I was born without a pedigree -
A white suburban refugee where
we never mention child-abuse,
and we always get the right to choose,
and never ever get refused service for not wearing shoes.
So I turned my cap back to hide my bald spot.
My angst is in my pudding cup.
But don’t tell me I didn’t earn my seat
and I don’t have the right to speak
and be heard if I wannabe.


I’m just an aging word-nerd who knows what
it’s like to hurt and not be heard.
But proud enough to stake a spot out in the crowd
and use my voice to shout it out
and tell my story loud enough
that anyone who gives a shit can sit and listen to another …

Middle-aged white poet


  1. I enjoyed this poem, Sam. I think many of us can identify with the idea of 'word nerd.' And though we may wish we had said the words someone such as John Lennon had said, we each have our own voice and our own style, and that is no small thing!! Write on...and let it be. Smiles!

  2. smiles...hey it can be you man, if you want it....and do it long enough and you'll have words people wish they said too...using your voice is one of the greatest gifts so many do not take advantage of...smiles...

    1. already caught this one so will just wave..
      hope your week is going well sam...

    2. Yes going well this one made it around a little more than most. Bear with me and my shameless promotion :) The last post for this one I promise.

  3. Being brave enough to share words is one of the best things about writers who always give glimpses into their souls.

  4. I love this poem so much! You were inspired by some great wordsmiths. Love the self-deprecating humor (it's what we've got, right? hee hee) and LOVE "my angst is in my pudding cup." Great write! And congrats on getting the book out. Wonderful!

  5. At 58 you're still considered middle aged right? Nice write... Like looking in the mirror.

  6. Congrats, Sam. I'm deep in the middle of doing a poetry book format for Kindle, too. Started out with a short article that took so many edits, I can't imagine what a 50-something page book will be. The poem's great...I like the angst in the pudding cup line.

  7. Small world dmansmall world Love Ya man can't beat it huh!

  8. Love the way you wove those Beatles numbers into your poem. Thanks for visiting my blog and congrats on your book.

  9. Congrats to you! I love the attitude of your poem and how real and honest, wonderful =)

  10. You are talking to a whole bunch of "Word Nerds" have been inspired by some of the same people I have been inspired by...Congrats on the book!!

  11. I like the Middle Aged White Guy concept.
    Been there, done that. Now what?
    Write some iky words, I guess.
    Call them a poem again.
    Stir the pot.
    Thank you for peeking in on me today, Sam.
    I was pushing the edge of no-no's today.

  12. Cracked me up with Bob-Dylan-Thomas, Sam.
    I'm glad you're going for the gusto. Why not? I got back to writing poetry in what is generously called, these days, "Late Middle Age" but I'm happy (so far) to have it mostly on Real Toads and my own blog. Never can tell what might happen when I admit to "Early Old Age"!
    Note: I'd add a comma here: "Let it be, Lord, let it be" because you use two commas the next time.
    — old printer/proofreader/writer/editor, K

  13. Congratulations on your book! I love the 'voice'/attitude in this poem.Especially liked 'word nerd' Bob-Dylan Thomas, and the whole third verse!!Home

  14. What a self tribute, bold expression! Congrats on first book! Thanks for comments on my blog!

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  16. Lovely poem, very honest, especially in lines like this one: "They said the things I’d I wished I’d said." I also felt the same way. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  17. Congrats on the chapbook. Have to check our book budget for month, but will probably pick up a copy. Be sure to stick a banner with a link to the Amazon site here on your blog, Sam.

    I love this poem. It's so true that we have our own personal inspirations and aspirations, but remember, John Lennon was a "working-class white guy," as were so many poets. Some didn't see fame in their lifetimes.

    We write because we have to. If we can make a little scratch along the way, that's all cool, too!!

    Your friendly neighborhood middle-aged white girl poet, Amy

    1. Thanks for that Amy - I am still figuring out the linking and promoting end of things.

  18. I have always been a word nerd, since I was only a wee nerdlette. It's great. Thanks,

  19. Great write Sam! Get on with the words, yes! Nothing like putting it on paper so to speak! So word nerd or otherwise it works!



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