Saturday, 8 June 2013

Who Created Evolution?

Growing up agnostic
(or was I atheistic)
the origins of life 
were really quite simplistic.

My tidy mind dictated 
a rational solution
scientific method 
of random evolution.

Ideas from my parents
supported by sensation
rejecting fuzzy feelings of
the magic of creation.

First my teacher told me 
I was primordial ooze.
And the preacher lectured me
about the right to choose.

I start to think that maybe
both of them are quacks
and the origin of life
fell somewhere through the cracks.

I may be a monkey's uncle
or the son of Abraham  
No crazy-wild-eyed-nut-job
can tell me who I am.



  1. in the end no one can tell you who you must find that within you...and without story is the flip side...starting in the hellfire & brimstone and then making it out alive...smiles.

    1. I grew up with out religion but my Grandpa was Catholic and I did attend mass when I stayed with him.

  2. Very interesting. Is the bald haired nut job anyone in particular? Darwin, maybe?

    1. Well I think there's nuts on both end of the stick.

    2. This eternal question always remains," who we are ?"!!!

    3. I think, by the very nature of the question, Mr Edge, that you're going to attract nutjobs with this post. I'm sorry about that.
      Both those that agree, and those that are looking for a fight. I think you're very right, there are madmen on both sides of this fence. But the fact is this poem isn't ABOUT Science vs. Religion.
      And in with that notion, I heartily concur. Who cares where you came from? It's who you were when you GOT here that matters.
      You said it quite well yourself, VaNdAnA.

    4. It is a polarizing topic. I didn't mean to start a debate :)

  3. We will probably never know where we come from during our lives and if we find out the truth after we have died may go either way or no way at all. My scientific side still says that Darwin's theory is just a theory and still has not been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt while my faith side believes that there was a higher being who had a hand in our creation. As to which one is true, well I think that maybe it is a combination of the two and I feel it is up to each of us as to whether we choose to believe in a higher source. I like to keep an open mind and if you choose to follow your beliefs then that is your choice too. Only I can save myself and I have to make that decision.

    Thanks for sharing your beliefs about evolution with us for this weeks Theme Thursday and may your week be filled with many wondrous things that continue to evolve into new things.

    God bless.

  4. Well, I am a very strong adherent of Darwin, and most of the important men in my life have been bald. Your poem is a lot of fun though, a nice sense of human. k.

    1. no offence to bald ppl or darwin intended :)

  5. MMM... we will always question whether or not we were created or we evolved...but has anyone ever asked the question "Why is there no mention of Dinosaurs in the bible?" Is it because religion doesn't want us to explore other possibilities. Just Sayin. I live in the heart of the Alberta badlands and there is evidence that pre-historic mammals existed but no evidence that the bible existed. Sooo it kind of leads back to what came first, "The Chicken or the Egg"


    1. I'm in the middle ... something had to create evolution at some point. I guess intelligent design sums it up for me ... But by no means do I want to start a debate here on the subject :s (my condolences for ending up in the Alberta badlands Sandy)

  6. Enjoyed the light hearted approach to what can be a sensitive question.

  7. Isn't that well describing the confusion we all grow up with?? And maybe it really doesnt matter... the more important part is still how we live our lifes

  8. We all have to make our own call on this. Our 'teachers' all have their own agendas.

  9. Everyone has to make their own decisions for sure. Who one listens to can impact a person for the rest of his/her life. And which beliefs one follows certainly can as well. I think there is some truth in both....

  10. Nice reflection ~ Indeed it will be us who will ultimately determine our identity and path to take ~

  11. Love this - excellent (and fun) write.

    (Darwin is my man too!)

    Anna :o]

  12. As we grow we evolve and discover ourselves,. well, the journey goes on! :)

  13. I have some good reading that can help tighten up your argument there Sam ;p (inside joke) lol you :)


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