Friday, 7 June 2013

Healthy Communies

Important to note knowledge
and intention in the fall of 2009.
Teaching particular  pre-automobile
pedestrian friendly meet-up point programs.

Increasing pressure helping the urban
software development design standards
that included guides for all  results from
more evident environmental resources.

Progress to date age to create
mixed social programs negotiating
various special interests. Practiced
developing borrowed body of knowledge

Perspective prospect conducted across all
communities developed from adopted success.

(or should that be excess?)


Over at D'verse Poets Pub, Charles Miller has us working  on an exercise in the avant-garde art movement Dadaism - an anti-form movement in poetry. The task is to take words from a random print source and rearrange the words into poetic form.

This makes the sharp, tidy corners of my brain bleed.

The magazine I cut up was a back issue of "Plan Canada" - the periodical for Registered Urban Planners in Canada, of which I am Member.

I cannibalised the summaries on three or four articles, cut out one and two word pieces and then had my six-year-old-daughter pick five at a time until ... viola!!! That was fun.


  1. Way to go Sam I love how you involve your daughter. I have a first hand experience in how much my 9 yr old daughter is in tune with her Mama!

    Sandy...Yes Sandy from Kamloops

  2. success or excess..ha..good question that your let your little daughter pick the words...i bet she had fun..smiles...very cool..and there's much to say about urban development...i won't get started though..ha..smiles

  3. Zebra-crossings and Belisha-beacons to you too!

    Judging the source, I suppose there is not much difference in impact:-)

  4. practiced developing borrowed body on creating poetry with your little one too...perhaps she took a lesson in this as well on what art is...

  5. Excellent - your daughter chose well!
    Sounds very much like the stuff councils produce to promote their aims to better our life...

    Anna :o]

  6. Ha! Love this. "Practice developing borrowed body of knowledge." So true. Thank you.

  7. You really got into the spirit with the different verses ~ Creatively done ~

    Appreciate the writing process Sam ~

  8. I bet she had fun. This is a fascinating product from a not so poetic source.

  9. haha love it ...especially liked these lines:
    "Teaching particular pre-automobile
    pedestrian friendly meet-up point programs." :)


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