Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dusky MInd

Trapped in messy corners
My dusky musty mind
Memories of better days
Love and luck were blind

Love was a simple lullaby
Luck just came with faith
We prayed and played every day
Life fell into place.

Love turned into dusty lust
Luck struck deaf then dumb
Dreams built broken rainbows
that melted in the sun.

I saw you through the looking glass
Springtime sparkle eyes
You reached into my dusky mind
with echoes from inside

Who knows how this stanza ends
Maybe we will just be friends
Trust goes to the safest place
and true love never goes to waste.


D'Verse Pub Night

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  1. nice...i much like the looking glass stanza - the seing each other - the reaching into the deeper parts of the other...and there's much to be said about true love...smiles

  2. It sounds as if this story is not yet concluded, Sam....but one thing I DO know is that true love never does go to waste!!

  3. those last 2 lines are tight....

    Trust goes to the safest place
    and true love never goes to waste

    each line bears a truth...who knows how our stories end...when love turns to lust what is it about...and can we recover?

  4. I, too, really like the last stanza...

  5. True love never goes to waste...true. Lovely write.

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