Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Root-word of Happiness.

This is my Father's Day confessional poem. It's pretty raw (as in unpolished) I fell into and out of rhyme and metre  through out. Whatever, the message is there in its ugly raw form. I will come back another time and beat it into reasonableness -  for now I'm taking the rest of the day to hang with my Girls.  

Happy Fathers Day (single Moms are Dad's too!!!)


I never wanted to be a father.
It just seemed cruel to bring a baby
into a fucked up world like this.
And babies never did a thing to me.

I thought penis was the root
word of all happiness (of all ha-penis).
I kept my sword sharp and sheathed.
Slaying dragons in my sleep.

I slayed Dragons 'till my sword caught fire
I tried to put it out with whiskey
but that just added fuel to my desires

Soon it was the Dragons chasing me.

Fire burned a hole into my soul
Emptiness took control.
Comatose and overdosed I fell into oblivion.

Some divine intelligence; or intelligent design.
Reached into that darkness.
and pulled me out in time.
Whoever hands out second chances, just handed me mine.

I was like a newborn child
skipping stones and summersaults.
You've never tasted chocolate
until you've lost your taste.

There was still something missing
the hole wouldn't go away.
It was tied into my broken bits
I still had to let go.

When my first daughter arrived
I let my first breath out
I'd been holding it for thirty years
of self indulgence and self doubt.

Now I have two more girls
and a wife who keeps me on my toes
It took three decades of adolescence
to see that family fills the hole.

The only thing better than fatherhood
is being a Dad
Happy is the root of all happiness
the opposite of sad.

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  1. I SERIOUSLY LOVE this poem, and the journey it describes. Yes, family fills the hole and those kids have a dad who has learned a whole lot and can now teach them about joy and turning summersaults. Way to be! Keep shining.

  2. smiles...very cool poem man...and i was afraid of fatherhood myself a bit...the responsibility that came with it...its all part of the process you know...i can tell by your writing that you are a good dad...smiles.

  3. Awww this warms my heart ~ I like how you are given a second chance and that your children and wife completed your heart ~ Enjoy the day with your girls ~ Happy weekend ~

  4. Oh my goodness that is so sweet. Enjoy your girls!

  5. Hey Sam, sometimes you just have to throw it out there--you have your priorities straight--spend time with the girls :-) Family can pull you back from the edge--so glad that it did

  6. three decades of adolescence... good to see you, man.
    i like your writing.

  7. Wow, I was holding my breath while reading this, so I wouldn't miss a note or a nuance. I was right there with you, Sam, all the way. I'm glad you found(ed) a family to live for (grammatically incorrect, but this is just a comment, not an essay).

  8. Such an interesting poem, I loved it :D

  9. lol starts out funny then has the "awwww" factor at the end loved it :)

  10. I think that you are right about being a "Dad" is one of the most important things you can do. It is so sad about how many men are not being the Dad that they could be to their children. Also this thing of having children all over the place is a little crazy to me. I mostly feel sorry for all the kids who are missing out on having two parents and how it will affect their kids.

    A really fantastic Father's Day poem to share with us. Happy Theme Thursday.

    God bless.


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