Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ode to Dr Seuss ...

Ode to the Master... with a twist.

Sunshine forever
is never quite as bright
as a night light
when bed bugs
don't bite
you at night

safe at home
cookie dough
bat her up
Call a cop
soda-pop fly-ball
hip hop on Pop

chipped Tooth Fairy secrets
bruised chinny chin chin
Calm-bat man trau ma
I'll blow your house in.

reta-tat-tat you're a brat
don't do that
can't hear myself drink
kitty Cat in the Hat

snuggle Bugs Bunny
Porky Pig in the poke
Dad fell asleep drinking
Mom started to choke

tippie toe to the kitchen
oven open the door
I smell green eggs and ham
They can't hurt me no more

Written by Sam,  Sam I am


  1. nice memories

  2. didn't catch the darkness to it until I read it again :o

  3. There's supposed to be dark undertones but maybe too subtle :)

    thank you Bee


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