Saturday, 30 March 2013

Carpe Diem - Pine Tree

This is my first try at Carpe Diem. I am usually very humorous in my Haiku writing but this site seems traditional. So I thought I would follow and see what I can learn. The prompt is Pine Tree. My take on the pine tree may be a little different. In my area the pine stands are devastated by the Pine Beetle and our Forests are in a state of decay.

Suffering pine tree
 beetle attacking unchecked
global warming myth?

Global warming myth?
insults my friend the pine tree
hide beneath a lie

Pine forest decay
feeding precious forest growth 
life and death hold hands

Rising from ashes
a single seed taking hold
rise to destiny

Destiny fulfilled
 a new green reality
do the next right thing


  1. Sam, this phrase is important to you:)..."Do the next LEFT thing." ...i mean, "do the next right thing." Understandably...your children are've got a long adventurous road ahead to make the very best life possible for your loved ones!

    ...ignore left and you might miss the next best thing---think in terms of embracing every direction TO FIND what's BEST?!!.

    I found myself reading your initial words as "global myth myth warming."

    I was making the word "warming" go right and the word "myth" go left!!

    In real life, when I marched in the military, I had to put a (sharp) stone in my right hand to even hope to remember which way was right...

    My mind freezes. When I am forced to quickly access correct directions, either right or brain switches into a sudden PANIC ATTACK because I haven't the foggiest idea which way is right or left (my wedding ring is soft/smooth...and is of no help!! ...unbelievable, yet true...and I dislike the scratchiness of a diamond deal that sits on a high coo..l pedestal...which more than likely was the reason for someone's arm being whacked off (in Sierra Leone---referring to Blood Diamonds---absolutely NO one's best friend.)

    Off my rocker? My Physical Therapist named Robin has this SAME malady! As BRILLIANT as Robin is...she gets directions mixed up like I do...and actually told me the medical term for this "brain condition." I quickly forgot...knot ANOTHER psychological "label."

    It's nothing to do with Oppositional Defiant Personality Disorder...I OPPOSE my directional navigation confusion...getting into a sudden PANIC ATTACK is very caustic when driving with my husband or son...not that they always yell at me...just "the sigh" of frustration is enough...when we lose time by having to retrace back to the correct turn---that could take a long time, depending! I remind my family to use gestures...I love YouTube!! I am a visual responder. What words can visually describe the next best thing! (My son is overflowing the toilet as I autism thing. He likes to stuff the toilet with toilet paper by the roll, dear friends. The NEXT best thing (my twins are age twenty. At least my other twin only eats the toilet paper!) Mop is in garage...towels for mopping up is better...those can be sanitized in the wash machine. Now my son is ready to drop eggs into the sink...he likes to see them used to be on the floor...cracked eggs on the floor. Thanks for letting me de-stress...and all because of a H-ai(autism impaired)-ku. Ku-ku. Going KU-KU is my next best option...insanity has its perks!

    1. I'm going to have to start giving you a byline on my POst TRusty. Funny you say go left .. I am very left handed and I always claim this is another learning disability (joking) - Did you read my post the Edge of Ability on my other Blog - (shameless plug)? It touched on some of what you are talking about. I think some of us have slightly faster moving minds and maybe slightly higher IQs also have minor learning disabilities . So some hard things are easy and some simple things are nearly impossible (like typos for me) Our kids are our teachers and I believe we get the kids we need to learn the lesson god wants us to learn. In that case you are lucky indeed Trusty for it sounds like you have an excellent teacher in your son. Enjoy Easter.

  2. Denial? Only
    a fool denies reality.
    Many are fools. Doom waits.

    Doom waits - grinning large.
    Pretend nothing goes badly.
    Look in the mirror! .

    With our actions -
    our embrace of privilege -
    We kill everything.

    1. Hey you're answering my question with a question haha. Just kidding nce work.

  3. Hi Sam, and welcome to Carpe Diem.

    If you read the posts from this community you will indeed find many traditional haiku, and even some that emulate the classics. I think your 4th one is in that vein.

    But there is also room for humor, so don't be deterred.

    Also, this group is very accepting and encouraging.

    My efforts are often quite quirky, and nobody objects.

    You're going to like it here.


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  5. Darn, JazzBumpa said everything I wanted to say....Welcome, your cascade is powerful and political, and I like to do that sort of thing myself once in awhile....thanx for sharing ,,,

    1. Thanks Joanne ... like I said i love the power simplicity of the Haiku :)

  6. First I like what you say in your haiku. and secondly this community have all kind of haiku. This month it has probably been slightly more traditional because the prompts have all be traditional kigo... I am very excited what april will have. But welcome and write whatever you like.

    1. Hey thanks Bjorn - what is a kigo? I that the nature word that we use? I need some information on that can you point me towards some? TY

    2. Hello Sam, first I welcome you at Carpe Diem's daily haiku meme. I am your host here. Secondly, I love to answer your question about 'kigo'. Kigo are classical Japanese seasonwords which you have to or can use in your haiku. This month all the prompts were classical Japanese kigo. Next month, April, I have collected a new variety of prompts. For example we have in April the Zodiac for prompt.

    3. Hey Kristjaan, what a great site you have and thanks for the welcome. I understand the Kigo better now but I have a feeling haiku are something you can spend a lifetime learning :)

  7. Hey Sam the Haiku Guy! Your poem is my prayer. The Beetle must learn its place and stop decimating our Canadian forests!

    Thanks for the visit. I love your description of yourself!

    1. I live right in the heart of the MPB epidemic in central BC - its heart breaking to see our forests so silent.

  8. What a wonderful series of haiku you share here with us. Mother Nature has all kinds of beetles and trees. Such a sad story ... decaying nature.

  9. Yes it i sad to see the destruction of our forests. Usually the cold winter kill off the beeltle before they could wipe out the forst like this but ..

  10. aloha Sam. it is sad to see a world we are familiar with change to such a degree. our planet has been changing for a long time, just like we do—constantly. i just dont know what will come next for me or the planet. what was once sea becomes sandy desert, yet even a desert is often full of life. what was volcanic rock becomes forest, forests become grassland and so on. i hope we learn to adapt to the planet rather than continue to change it to suit our self. if there is one thing i am reasonably sure of it's that we each haiku in our own way. cool on that. have humor, have fun. aloha.

  11. Hey thanks 19 yes it is a stang world we can just try to do the next right thing

  12. Man of many talents I see :-)

  13. I try ramble :) we seem to bump into each other in the oddest places haha


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