Thursday, 13 March 2014



Seems like a lifetime
since I've felt sunshine
that north wind keeps blowing

I'm frozen. So frozen.

Wind blown snow angels
hard crusty drifting
across a dark carcass
the lonely forgotten
smashed jack-o-lantern
and Christmas tree ashes
spread solemnly calmly
in deafening stillness
surrounded by breath clouds

So frozen. I'm frozen.

The crack of the ice
a warm breeze at night
icicles trickle and drip
is Mother tricking me?
Roll over and dream of
the sweet smell of spring
out there somewhere
a flickering candle
Lord knows I can't handle
much more of this winter.

I'm frozen. So frozen.



  1. nice! i sure feel this way, too, Sam. winter can take a hike so far as i'm concerned. and i LIKE winter. this has just been going on too long.
    love your reference to the pumpkins under the snow--we have those in our backyard and i'm waiting for them to reappear. i'll embrace the mess, and i'm sure the squirrels will be happy to see them, too.
    have a great weekend, Sam.

  2. I'm with ya! This is really well done, Sam.

  3. I feel a bit of magical poetic warmth seeping through cracks in your ice ... 😨

  4. Great format, with the refrain coming through beginning, middle and end. I remember when my kids were in primary school, they used to do a polar bear swim in the middle of June. Of course, no snow or ice to speak of in Africa, but the water was fairly freezing. It was voluntary participation, and surprisingly popular. Your version of events put a real chill into me :)

  5. echoing Kerry, Sam, the refrain serves as an excellent border and support to the rest of the write ~

  6. I think we're all tingling to have Spring here ASAP!
    I enjoyed your writing about all of Winter's leftovers. I enjoyed the refrain.

  7. this is really great....i, like you, am so tired of the cold...i dream of spring and flowers!
    the challenge sounds like fun!

    stacy lynn mar

  8. A perfect poem for the end of this particular winter. Good one, Sam.

  9. I'm dreaming of that sweet smell of spring ~ I'm frozen and tired of winter too ~ Good one Sam ~

  10. You have perfectly described the yearning for Christmas tree ashes.


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