Sunday, 2 March 2014

Apple Happy

Inside every apple seed
is a perfect apple tree.
Pure potentiality
engineered delicately.

Inspired by the great divine?
Intelligently designed?
Happy apple accidents,
random happenings of time?

Each seed has the will to be
to manifest its destiny
to grow and bare precious seeds
achieve immortality.

Apple trees never ask why.
Can't bare pears and never try
or lay awake wondering why
branches point towards the sky.

They're just plain old apple happy


Today the Toads are inspired by the metrical verse of Robert Frost. One of my favourite American Poets.


  1. I like the apple seeds manifesting its destiny, just plain old happy tree ~ Lovely tribute to the poet ~

  2. I've never seen an apple tree, hadn't though of them before your poem, thanks. It is fascinating to me that all the life in the universe is contained inside the being itself.

    Take care and keep smiling.

  3. Very charming--and apple trees are pretty darn amazing--a very clever choice of tree here as well if one goes back to Eden--thanks, Sam. k.

  4. "Happy apple accidents,
    random happenings of time?"

    This is SO fun to say!! So is the rest...great flow to this and some deep seed thoughts, too. Excellent!

  5. The apple tree did achieve immortality courtesy Eden and Newton...

  6. your beautiful poem reminded me of them...

  7. grin - except I think you can graft pear to apple :) ~

  8. Ah, "After apple picking" blues! I enjoyed this very much, Sam.

  9. Love the apple rhythm in your poem ... love it!

  10. This is truly charming--I am especially drawn in by your last stanza--

  11. Very nice... the apple really achieve its potential..

  12. I love this, Sam! Wonderful rhyming, too.

  13. The sounds in here make me so happy...
    "Happy apple accidents," indeed. Awesome.


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