Sunday, 1 September 2013


My cat is my nemesis.
His name is Max.
Maximus the Gladiator.
Butt he is not a Great Warrior.

Just a Great pain in my Gluteus Maximus.

He was a stray
Abandoned on the Reservation
I rescued him from
mean-ass Rez dogs.
He's been driving me nuts ever since.

I got to bed ...

meow to get in
meow to get out
meow to get up
meow to get down

I wake up
he goes to sleep
for 14 hours just to rub it in.

Max is 12 years old.
That's 70 in cat years.
He'll probably live to be 140
just to spite me.

That's 12 more years.
I will miss him.
A good nemesis is hard to find.


Toads are writing in the style of the Imagists like William Carlos Williams and Ezra Pound. Not sure I get these dudes but I gave it a shot.


  1. Not every cat has an Imagist poem dedicated to its living memory. Max is very lucky.

  2. Nice description - love/hate relationship like I have with my dog.

  3. Your cat and my dog are related! ;D

  4. Go, Max. Keep doing your job. ;-)


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