Friday, 10 January 2014

Flaming Orbs

Flame Orb - Deborah Glessner 2014
God knows the rocky road I chose
sometimes it was just too damn close 
I'm slower now with room to grow. 
I catch my breath and take a glance 
beyond the pomp and circumstance. 

I bend in gratitude for one more 
second chance but every time my 
bounce comes back I trip and get a 
hitch that knocks me off my stride. 

At times my confidence still limps 
from wars surrendered long ago 
 A message from a glimpse of light - 
A fiery sign I'm not alone. 
A spark of truth that shines on lies
and gives hope to a new sunrise.

The bounce is not to give away
a flaming orb that must survive
and thrive behind the fiery eyes 
of Men with hearts they could not hide.

Men who showed me who I am 
and lit a fire behind my eyes.
The bounce of pride now lives inside 
the flames are too alive to die.


In Loving Memory of Jack Hambleton and Robert Edge.


Margaret has a cool prompt today for the Imaginary Garden. Along with the "Orb Art" of Deborah Glessner, she explains it as follows:

"For me, the word orb conjures up ghosts in the form of balls of light - life forms that are believed by some to be the human soul or life force that once inhabited a physical body here on earth. It is said they have stayed behind because they feel bound to their previous life or previous location for whatever reason."

I believe my Grandfathers stayed behind to look out for me - I have had many unexplainable experiences that have proven this to me. They were both powerful men who weren't afraid to tell me they loved me. When they both passed it had a profound effect on me and I felt like I became stronger.


  1. Those rocky roads make you who you are today.Your poem is a wonderful tribute to your grandfathers.How special in life to have had two grandfathers that were so influential in your life.

  2. "A spark of truth that shines on lies
    and gives hope to a new sunrise."

    To have such strong men still looking out for you is a powerful force and one you obviously rest in and take great comfort from. Beautiful words.

  3. What to do with a passionate heart? It rouses us and takes us down. And yeah, you gotta watch that bouncing beat, it tries to convince me I have what it takes to beat the game this time. As if the Flaming Orb was something any one could possess .. It's great you find the deeper truths ahead, gifted in some measure by strong men who walked before you. The greatest honor you can do for them is reflect their heat back into a freezing world. Thanks for this --

  4. A lovely response Sam ~ I wished I have a stronger bond with my grandparents ~ May their flames burn with pride in yours ~

  5. Such a powerful response to the image. Your poem works on many levels in the journey to self-awareness.

  6. I love that you chose to include a video of "my" guy Dino. That song always resonated with me when I had a hole in my boat.
    I'm so glad your grandfathers stayed with you, perhaps kept you alive until you were willing to face life on life's terms.
    Your poem made me smile wryly from time to time. Sure do understand it.

  7. I can't think of anything that would honor your grandfathers more. Beautiful, Sam.

  8. The bounce of pride now lives inside
    the flames are too alive to die.

    That is the spirit. There ought to be hopes to keep alive the bounce enhancing the resolve further! Wonderful write Sam!


  9. This rocky road may well be tiring but that hope rekindled by the flames of love helps through even the most difficult terrain.
    Beautifully penned. Powerful writing with a great rhythm.

  10. What a nice tribute to your grandfathers. I am sure they are proud!

  11. I love limping confidence and the guardians who help keep the orb alive for others by keeping it alive in themselves. A rare poem of loving fathers. Pass it on!

  12. Sam, this is a beautiful tribute to men with fire behind their eyes who lit a fire behind your own. Wonderful. I love the idea that they stayed behind to watch out for you. I like to think that way, too. Or at least maybe they come for visits when we need them and still get to enjoy heaven some of the time!

  13. This is Matthew Wilder's "Ain't Nobody Gonna Slow Me Down" in exquisite poetry form.

  14. I feel the strength and gratitude in your poem. Flaming Orbs - very inspiring...

  15. The flame is too alive to die! a perfect end to the flaming orb. hope the flame keeps burning

  16. Rocky roads are the kindling that have us burn with the brightness of who we should be if we learn from the stones we walk across...


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