Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Missionary Man

Full tilt sprint with the wind at my back
Booty bumping lines off my Daddy's 8-track

Slick silver tongue pierce trailer park trash
Baby got a rash from my gnarly porn-stache.

Dead rabbits, 8-balls and B-52s
My my my my my Boogie shoes

Vinnie Barbarino was Urban Cowboy riding
Fonzie and Chachi had to go into hiding

Clock struck 1990 and Nirvana set us straight
my mullet caught on fire not a moment too late.

Now we laugh at douche-bags and posers on steroids
until Christmas when mom pulls out the family Polaroid's  

In retrospect the Toads are writing about living in another time. I chose a rhyme scheme to match the decade.


  1. Ha! My son had a mullet, but don't ever tell him I told you. I, too, have pictures. Nice rhyming that gives a very real sense of your narrator, and bonus points for the Eurythmics tune.

  2. Pornstache! Love this, Sam. I see you!

  3. wheww that took me back a few years...:)

  4. Great rhyming Sam! Wonderful journey back to the past. A journey full of good catchy offerings missing from the current scene. The Eurythmics and blondie are a whiff of freshness again!


  5. This takes me back.. I love the rhyme, Sam, it works very well!

  6. I was so love with with the rhyming!

  7. The past really is the best and worst of times! I also remember my dad's 8-track and how proud I was when he taught me how to thread the tape and allowed me to switch it on. Good memories!

  8. Oh I can be with you on this... going back to one's own history is great... and I recall how the Music of the early 90's changed me.. (but I went from Mullet to Goatee at that time... hmmm)

  9. lol awesome, Sam ~

  10. Fun read. Thanks for the memories.

  11. Love it! I thought that was a pix of my son! Love your ending - funny, so true!

  12. You took me back and made me grin-both very good things!

  13. haha... this makes me wanna pull out some old polaroids as well... they tell so many stories... happy new year to you sam


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